Add subscribers manually

Choose a List and click on the Import leads button on the right.

Choose the way you want to import subscribers - Manually.

To add a subscriber manually, please fill the form with the subscriber details in accordance with the .csv format. See the example:

The Email field is marked as required by default. To make other fields required, change fields values or to add custom fields, please click on the Edit the List button. Please note, that the default fields can’t be deleted.

Browse Subscribers

Choose a list on the Lists page(Subscribers tab > Lists).

Click on the Browse button to open the full subscribers list.

Click on the Gear button to choose visible fields (max 6).

Subscribers export

Choose a list and click on the Export leads button on the right.

All subscribers details can be recorded into a file through the Export leads option.

On the Export leads page a user can:

1. choose subscribers details for export.

2. choose subscribers groups from the Export mode.

3. determine max subscribers number for export.

4. change the export file name.

Files are available to download from the Tasks page.

Import subscribers from file

Choose a list and click on the Import leads button on the right.

Choose From file method for importing. Drop files in the field or click to upload a file.

After the file is uploaded the user can choose data for import and choose additional options. Required fields are marked with the asterisk sign.

  • From line - allows to skip a number of lines at the top of the file.

  • Import mode - allows to add subscribers with or without their profiles updating.

  • Subscribe if previously unsubscribed - Please mind this may affect your sender reputation.

File format for import

.csv and .txt files

Email, FName, Bdate, Fred, 25 June 1990, Suzi, 30 October 2000

.xls and .xlsx files

Email FName FavoriteFood Jill Beavers Eve Rats

When importing fields in a List, they will be filled in automatically if:

1. The standard fields in the file are named the following way:
Email - - - Email address
FName - - - First name
LName - - - Last name
Bdate - - - Birth date
Sex - - - Gender
RegDate - - - Reg date
RegIP - - - Reg IP address
RegCity - - - Reg city
RegCountry - - - Reg country
RegUrl - - Url of the registration page
IP - - - Last IP
Country - - - Last country
City - - - Last city
Vendor - - - Source of subscribers

2. The custom fields in the file are named the same way it is done in the List.

Subscribers import using API

Subscribers can be imported using API.

This method allows to import either group of subscribers or one-by-one.

For API import a Create&edit role should be assigned to a Token. The Token should also have access to the List (the List and the Token should have the same group access, or the Main group should be assigned to the Token).

To view an example of how to send an API request: - Open the Lists(Subscribers tab > Lists) page - Choose a List - Click on the Import leads button on the right - Choose the import method - via API.

Edit a subscriber manually

  • Open the Lists page (Subscribers tab > Lists)
  • Choose a List
  • Click on the Browse button on the right
  • Click on the Edit button on the right to open the Edit form

Edit form contains standard and custom fields from the List. If a field is marked with a red asterisk sign, this means the field is required.

After a subscriber opens a letter, his or her location appears on the world map.

Click on the Action history button to view the whole history of a subscriber actions within the List.

The Find in lists button allows to find a subscriber with the same email in other Lists.

The button allows to change a subscriber status manually.

Edit subscriber details in a file

The .csv files can be opened in Microsoft Excel, for example, as well as any spreadsheet program or text editor. This allows to edit big groups of subscribers using all the program capabilities.

After all changes a user can import the file to the old List(subscribers details will be updated) or to the new one.

Edit subscriber details using API

Editing subscriber details using API is similar to the process of subscribers import using API.

Subscriber details will be updated with those sent in a request.

To learn more about API Import, please follow this link.

To see an example of how an API request is sent: - Open the Lists page (Subscribers tab > Lists) - Choose a List - Click on the Import leads button - Choose the method for import - Via API

Search for subscribers

On the Search page (Subscribers tab > Lists) a user can search for subscribers by a lot of various parameters.

If a user does not add any rules and clicks the Apply button, the search is performed over the first 1000 of the subscribers.

If a subscriber presents in different Lists, he or she may be showing up in search results several times.

  • The Subscribers menu - shows the total number of subscribers, and also the number of men and women the sample contains.

  • The Save as a segment button allows to save the search results as a segment. In case a search is performed over all lists, the Save as a segment option is not available.

  • A user can also copy leads to list or update some fields when saving a segment. In case a search is performed over all lists, these options are not available.

Subscription Manager

Subscription Manager form allows a subscriber to manage the subscription, view and edit personal details.

To add a link to the Subscription Manager into a letter/message, paste a code like in the example:

<a href="{preferences}">Subscribe Manager</a>

Subscription manager features:

Subscription management:

1. Stop the subscription for 14, 30, 60 or 90 days
2. Restart the subscription
3. Unsubscribe from the List
4. Retrieve the subscription

Personal data view and change:

1. A subscriber can see only his or her email in the Subscription Manager by default.

2. To allow the subscriber view and change his or her personal data in the Subscription Manager, tick the Add to the subscription manager box in the List editing form.

3. The subscriber is not allowed to delete data from the required fields.

Subscriber status

Each subscriber in the List has a particular status.

  1. Subscribed - the subscriber is subscribed to a List and receives newsletters regularly.

  2. Unconfirmed - the subscriber didn’t sign up yet.

  3. Unsubscribed - the subscriber unsubscribed from the mail-outs.

  4. Suspended - the subscription is currently stopped through the Subscription Manager.

  5. Hardbounced - email has never been delivered to this subscriber and now this subscriber is excluded from the mailing list.

  6. Complainer - the subscriber matched your email as spam. He or she will be excluded from the mailing list