General questions

Why should I choose ALTKRAFT?

  • It is a powerful, flexible and affordable instrument for the professional email-marketing. It allows to solve tasks of any complexity.

What is the difference between SaaS and On-Premise solutions?

  • SaaS (software as a service) is a cloud service. In this case the whole system works on the ALTKRAFT equipment. And in case the On-Premise solution is used, the system is installed within the company infrastructure. The ALTKRAFT On-Premise solution allows to meet some specific security policy requirements.

Do you provide email databases?

  • No, we don’t provide databases for mailing. A user needs to upload his own database or setup the automatic customer data import from your website via API.

Can I automate my mailings via ALTKRAFT?

  • Yes, we provide tools for mailing automation: triggers, workflows, integrations with external systems using API. The platform provides you with the full set of automated processes.

Can I use third-party analytical services?

  • Yes, you can use UTM-marks in your messages.

I have ALTKRAFT account. What to start with?

  • Start with a list creation and subscribers import. Then you may try to create your first campaign.

Can I create several users with different access rights?

  • Sure. For this purpose we have “Roles” in our system. This feature allows to allocate a specific role with different access rights for each users.

Message editing

What is the message plain text version for?

  • The message plain text version is displayed when the HTML version can’t be displayed. In order to create a letter text version click on the “Text version” button.

How do I upload images to use them in a message?

  • Click on the “Insert image” button in the message editor and upload the needed files.

What are variables and how to use them?

  • It is possible to use great amount of variables in messages from subscribers details to the external data (json).

Can I preview the message before it is sent?

  • Yes. Click on the “Preview” button in the message editor

Can I use Emoji in the subject of a message?

  • Yes, you can. Click on the smile sign in the message subject line.


Can I launch a campaign instantly?

  • Yes, to do that, tick the “Start the campaign right now (in addition to schedule)” box when editing a campaign.

What is a split-test?

  • This is an A/B test campaign. It is possible to choose several variants of a message for the test and send them to the testing group of subscribers. In accordance with the test results, the best variant will be sent to the rest of subscribers.

How does the system choose the best variant of my letter in split-test?

  • The system chooses a letter version according to the clicks and opens number. Also a user can make the choice by himself.


How do I import data?

  • There are three ways to import subscribers:
  • Manually - this method allows to add subscribers one-by-one as well as import tabular data from the clipboard;
  • Import from a file;
  • Automatic data import and synchronization using API.

Files of what format can I upload to the system?

.zip .tar.gz .xls .xlsx .csv .txt

What does double opt-in mean?

Double opt-in means that the subscriber will be added to your list after he confirms the subscription by responding to a message sent to his email address.

How many fields can in a subscriber’s profile contain?

  • Each subscriber’s profile contains 12 standard fields and it is possible to add the unlimited number of custom fields.

I have accidentally deleted all subscribers, is it possible to retrieve all the data?

  • Yes, it is. In such a case, please contact our technical support team. (нужно добавить или контакты, или ссылка на форму связи)

How can I add subscribers to a suppression list?

  • There are several ways how to add subscribers to a suppression list: 1.It is possible to import data: а. manually, б. from file, в. via API;
  • Data will be added to a suppression list automatically after clicking “unsubscribe” button.


What’s the difference between an opened message and a message that was read?

ALTKRAFT provides unique email tracking options: you will always know how much time a subscriber has spent reading your email. If a subscriber has spent some time reading a message, it is shown in the statistics.

What is a Cohort analysis?

A cohort analysis allows to see the life cycle and dynamics of a certain subscriber and a group of subscribers activity.

How does Clickmap work?

A Clickmap shows the percent of subscribers clicked on a link in your email and allows to see detailed reports on how many times each link was clicked. Besides this report type keeps the history of all message versions.

What is an Engagement report?

Engagement report allows to see the number of new subscribers and leads who have unsubscribed from your mailings for a certain period of time.


PTR (Pointer)

Pointer record is used to map a network interface (IP) to a host name. It is a compulsory part of a sender-domain. Setup

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

is a digital signature associated with the from domain. Setup

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

is an email-validation system designed to detect email spoofing of a sender. Setup

FBL/CFL (Feedback Loop)

It is a form of collecting feedbacks and spam complaints from email providers. And we strongly recommend not to disregard this technology and to set it up for all ISP you work with. Setup