A sophisticated solution for a big business

The ALTKRAFT marketing platform is created to solve complex business tasks.

Attract and retain your customers, increase the profitability and the effectiveness of your business. ALTKRAFT will help you push the boundaries and shift the limits.


ALTKRAFT technology advantages

The ALTKRAFT offers both SaaS solution and On-Premise platform to reach the highest level of security.

The ALTKRAFT SaaS solution helps to satisfy the needs even of the most demanding marketing professionals.

On-Premise solution has all advantages of the cloud service and, herewith, it can provide a more advanced security level as far as the transmission of email addresses or other personal data to a hosting company is abandoned.

ALTKRAFT is designed for e-commerce and financial industry, it is suitable for organizations of all sizes. It allows to work with huge volume of data and provides a high level of performance at minimum system requirements.

Full email-marketing automation

Email-marketing running on “autopilot”.

Complete integrated automation of mailings based on the deep segmentation and the subscribers behavior.

The automation improves the communicative strategy efficiency, pushes up sales and helps to grow the customer loyalty.

Build even the most complex model of communication with your customers easily with the help of our easy-to-use visual workflows editor.


Welcome your customers, send them personalized greetings on a special day, make unique offerings. And more.

Remind of the expiration date or thank your customers well-timed for using goods or services of your organization. Setup once everything will work automatically like a clock.

Use your customers’ personal data, the detailed information on clicks and opens to send relevant emails and to optimize the communication processes.


  • Regular campaigns
  • Broadcast campaigns
  • Trigger campaigns
  • Split tests
  • Workflows
  • Mailing calendar/schedule


Flexible integration with any system via API.

Subscribers details import, export and changing in real-time, cost effective customer notifications and reminders based on their actions on your website and more.

Fast and easy implementation into a company infrastructure via the setup wizard. ALTKRAFT provides full technical assistance and support during the whole period of the software product use.

Deep segmentation

Divide your subscribers into groups, combining hundreds of conditions in order to deliver them more relevant content.

Segment your customers by gender, age, country, region, city, domain group, timezone, browser, by particular actions and more. The customers segmentation will help to increase sales up to 30% and escalate the response rates.


Need something special? Create custom fields with the unique descriptions and values! Match more active subscribers for special offerings and motivate less active ones.

Data import

Upload unlimited number of subscribers by two clicks in any convenient way:

  • Import files in .zip .tar.gz .xls .xlsx .csv .txt formats
  • Import subscribers manually
  • Automatic database import and synchronization using API


Suppression lists

A suppression list is a list of emails and domain groups excluded from the mailing. Using a suppression list you can be sure that the right messages will reach the right audience.

ALTKRAFT allows also to add subscribers to the suppression list automatically in case of opt-out.

Safety and security

ALTKRAFT on-premise security tools provide an exceptional level of safety and security. The whole system works within the company network. This allows to comply with the security policy requirements for data storage and sharing.

The data encryption is used for the system administration and for sending messages. Data transmission is carried out via a secure communication channel there and back. ALTKRAFT solution is the ideal choice for organizations who need enhanced safety and security level.

Multi-user access

Flexible access rights allocation reduces leak of data and subscriber database, and helps to avoid any accidental but fatal mistake of a manager.


ALTKRAFT allows to create a unique role for each user according to his or her professional duties or a particular position in a project. Each user is able to get access to create, edit and/or view: Lists, Messages, Fragments, Segments, Suppression lists, Campaigns.

Here is a widespread practice of how roles can be allocated between employees: a copywriter gets access to edit particular parts of a letter such as title, body, etc. And a layout designer gets permission to edit only the template of a message.

In case of working with third-party websites and services access rights can be allocated through the API.


ALTKRAFT is a self-dependent product and it doesn’t require any additional commercial software. This avoids extra costs on paid licenses, databases and operating systems.

See more on the Specifications page

Message editor

Create responsive messages with the help of the professional tools of the editor, that will help to avoid mistakes and optimize the message code in order it is displayed correctly in all mail agents.


ALTKRAFT allows to preview the message before it is sent and see what your message will look like on displays of different devices (PC, tablet or smartphone) before it’s been sent.

Make your messages personalized in order to increase campaign efficiency and effectiveness. ALTKRAFT provides tens of variables with different access rights in order to create unique content for each subscriber.

Use dynamic JSON content in order to automatically create most relevant messages. You will see how fast and easy this process can be.


Work with huge data volumes in real-time.

ALTKRAFT allows to instantly calculate a data segment and import huge amount of data, send unlimited volumes of messages to any number of subscribers.

ALTKRAFT supports simple horizontal scaling for the system performance boosting.

Advanced analytics

The effective email-marketing starts with ALTKRAFT, you can tell!

ALTKRAFT provides highly detailed statistics in real-time. Detailed tracking of the subscribers activity: you will always know how much time a subscriber has spent reading your email. And much more.


Summary report will help to trace the marketing strategy effectiveness by the following parameters:

  • Campaign
  • List
  • Segment
  • Message
  • Domain
  • Domain group
  • Vendor
  • Week
  • Month
  • Environment
  • Sender

Cohort analysis shows the life cycle and dynamics of the subscriber activity.

Clickmap and the history of the message versions are illustrative of the effective decisions.

Easy integration with the most popular analytical platforms: Google analytics, Kissmetrics.


Optimize your campaigns to reach perfect result. Send only the best messages - test your campaigns before they reach your subscribers via ALTRAFT A/B test option.

The A/B test feature allows to run a comparative analysis of two different campaigns and see which one gets a higher open rate in order to send the better one to subscribers in the automatic mode.

Interface for the professionals

You will certainly like ALTKRAFT interface and feature set - it was created by the professionals and for the professionals.

Create professionally designed emails optimized for smartphones and tablets. And what is more, ALTKRAFT website design is optimized for all devices types. Manage your campaigns at any time wherever you are!