ALTKRAFT - A sophisticated solution for a big business

A sophisticated solution for a big business

Omni-channel marketing platform Altkraft Marketing is designed to solve the most important business tasks.

Engage and retain your customers, boost your marketing efficiency, increase profs and push your own boundaries!


Leading technology:

Altkraft Marketing Platform can be used as a cloud service (SaaS), or it can be deployed into your corporate intranet (On-Premise), which provides ultimate personal data security level.

Among SaaS platforms Altkraft Marketing is one of the best solutions for solving all digital marketing tasks, featuring email, sms, web/mobile push, and various custom channels. Great performance, high delivery rate and convenient interface are main features of our platform.

On-Premise solution has all the benefits of SaaS, grants you total freedom to use all platform functions and restricts customer personal data transfer to company’s network. The solution has been designed for big messaging amounts and customer databases, having apparently low system requirements.

Professional interface:

You are going to love Altkraft Marketing interface, as it is designed by professionals and for professionals. Every necessary tool is just where you expect to find it.

Available on mobile and desktop devices, our platform allows you to control the marketing process anywhere at any time.

Professional digital marketing automation.

Marketing on auto-pilot:

Complex messaging automation based on segmentation and clients’ behaviour.

Automation significantly boosts your communication strategy efficiency, increases sales rate and helps you grow customer loyalty.

Send transactional messages instantly using dynamical personal content.

Remind your customers about service expiry beforehand - or send them gratitude letters for using your services.

Address your customers in a personal manner - using information from their profiles, send messages automatically after certain personal data changes.

Use detailed information about opens and clicks in historic messages to optimize all your communications.

  • Campaigns calendar
  • Broadcasts
  • Regulars
  • Triggers
  • Multivariate tests
  • Display ads
  • Marketing scenarios (workflows)

Scenarios allow you to automate marketing interaction strategies.

Using visual scenario editor, you can:

  • grow customer loyalty
  • convert visitors into customers
  • perform complex interactive campaigns


You can adopt popular marketing scenarios like a left shopping cart, welcome workflow, client reactivation, and many others.

Scenarios can be performed:

  • For each customer individually on certain event
  • For a group of customers by schedule

Message template editor

Create contents of your messages in a specialized editor. It will help you create templates for all communication channels you employ: - Email - SMS - Web/Mobile Push - Custom Channels


Email messages

Create responsive HTML with the help of a Drag & Drop builder or a professional code editor.

Personalize your messages to make your communications more effective. Tens of variable values, including fragments with customizable access rights.

Use dynamic JSON content to create totally up-to-date mailings automatically.

Employ logical expressions to move content personalization to yet another level. For example you can create a multilanguage template based on your client’s language or country.

Know for sure how your message looks on mobile using preview for different screen resolutions.

SMS messages:

Send personalized SMS messages using reliable gateways.

Built-in SMS URL shortener will help you transform long hyperlinks to short and simple ones and thus to decrease communications price.

Make SMS messages personal by adding a customer name or other information.

Use detailed information about sending, delivery and clicks to increase your campaigns efficiency.

PUSH notifications:

Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on your client devices’ screens.

For Push subscription, it is enough just to press one button, which makes the whole process easier.

Send web Push notifications to all modern web browsers, both desktop and mobile: - Chrome - Firefox - Safari - Opera

Deliver mobile Push notifications to your Android and iOS application users.

Don’t wait till your clients checks their mailboxes: Inform them instantly about news, discounts and special offers, send trigger and regular messages.

Use information about Push deliveries and clicks to optimize your marketing strategy.

Custom channels:

With Altkraft Custom Channel Technology you can send messages into CRMs, social networks, instant messengers and other custom services.

Indirect channels like communities in social networks, can be used to interact with a non-identified audience of customers.

One content is used for a campaign in this case.

Messages are created individually for each customer when a direct channel like instant messenger is used.

Website actions tracking:

Publish HTML or JavaScript code on your website to track customers actions.

This feature can be used to capture:

  • displays and clicks geography (country, city, region)
  • device platform and browser
  • any subscriber actions before or after subscription

Use this information to analyze customers behaviour and interests. Then inform them about relevant offers.

Multivariate testing

Optimize your campaigns to get perfect results. Use only the best content you can: multivariate testing empowers you to compare efficiency of up to 16 message templates

MVT will help you automatically:

choose the best message subject, comparing templates by open rate compare design efficiency by link clicks in sent messages

If you rather value hands-on approach - you can select the winner template manually based on detailed analytics - after sending the test part of the campaign.

Data import

Gather your clients’ personal and business data by any convenient means:

  • File import, supporting .xls .xlsx .csv .txt .zip .tar.gz
  • Manual profile creation
  • Fast copy-paste import service
  • API synchronization
  • External SQL import with scheduled synchronization


Deep customer segmentation

Divide your audience into categories, combining hundreds of filters, to deliver even more relative content.

Segment customers by contact and personal data, by subscription status, by gender or age, country, region, city or time zone, by device or browser, by messages or website actions, or by scenario and loyalty program engagement.

Compose dynamic and static segments of your audience to solve different tasks/

Dynamic segmentation is a set of query rules which are used to identify the most actual audience for a campaign to start. For example, if you need to organize an automatic birthday mailing.

If you need to organize a fixed group of clients - use static segmentation.

Send special offers to active and loyal customers or motivate the not-so active to close deals.

Employing detailed segmentation and content personalization you will get more than 30% conversion increase.


Suppression lists

Lists of email addresses and domains to be excluded from mailings. Using one you will prevent unwanted messages from being received.

Custom suppression lists can be bound to specific messages. This way your subscribers can refuse some of your content, remaining potential customers.

Advanced analytics

Effective marketing speaks for itself! Altkraft Marketing provides you with detailed statistics in real time: from a simple delivery report to click maps and email reading time.


Summary report is a sophisticated tool for campaigns and scenarios analytics with various cross-sections:

  • Campaign
  • Database
  • Segment
  • Message template
  • Subscription resource
  • Domain group
  • Domain
  • Vendor
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Environment
  • Sender

Cohort analysis, audience growth and LTV reports wil help you monitor subscribers’ lifecycle.

Click map with message version snapshots will visualise your decisions efficiency.

Funnel will help you know the whole conversion cycle, e. g. from registration or welcome message to closing a deal or any other goal.

Goals is a report showing target actions, made by your clients while interacting with your website pages or mobile applications - and these actions’ financial or custom values.

Bounces report shows email messages that have not been delivered on the first sending attempt. These cases are marked by platform as Soft bounces - and tries to resending it using sender retry rules.

Soft bounce reasons can be:

  • Recipient mailbox is full
  • Attachments are too large to handle
  • Temporal service unavailability
  • Quarantine due to campaign’s high complain rate

Undeliveries report shows email messages that have not been delivered to recipients during one or several campaigns.

This report can reveal the reasons of non-satisfying delivery rates.

Most common reasons are:

  • Retry limit reached
  • Message expired due to sender overload (lifetime is configurable)
  • Message was deleted from sending queue by platform user
  • Message was sent to a non-existing mailbox (hard bounce)


Altkraft Marketing Platform is a self-sufficient product, relying on no other paid software, which relieves extra expenses for paid licenses, databases or operational systems.

For more technical information visit Specifications.


Altkraft Marketing Platform allows you to work with large data amounts in real time. Instantly calculate a segment of clients, import business data, launch campaigns and monitor efficiency - all at once! To increase performance Altkraft Marketing Platform supports horizontal scaling.

Data security

Altkraft Marketing Platform provides ultimate levels of security by offering On-Premise deployment - all components are located in your intranet.

Personal data is stored inside the company’s network, that complies with Russian federal laws regarding the usage of such information (152-ФЗ, 242-ФЗ).

Platform modules use encryption algorithms while transferring data and sending messages. Tracking system also employs a secure data channel. Our solution is a perfect fit for fields of industry with high security and privacy.

Platform users’ actions can be controlled via the Audit journal. Administrators and master-users will get information on any change made to business objects.

Multi-user access

A policy of access groups prevents possible personal and business data leaks. It is a great way to avoid critical human mistakes.

Altkraft Marketing Platform allows you to create a customized access role for any user you need.

Access privileges may depend on employees’ functions or role in a project. A user can have (in different combinations) rights to create, edit, view or download: databases, templates, fragments, segments, suppression lists, campaigns, reports and other objects.

A common way to organize multiple access would be:

  • copywriters have access only to specific message parts
  • email designers have access to editing template drafts
  • analysts can access reports exclusively
  • security officers interact only with Audit journal

API authorisation is provided by tokens that have groups and roles same as users. This can be a good way to integrate with 3rd party websites and services.



Altkraft Marketing Platform can be easily integrated with any external system via API.

Real-time data import, export or updates, instant transactional notifications for specific web actions - these and other possibilities await you.

Altkraft Marketing Platform has ready-made integrations with popular web services and SMS gateways:

  • LPgenerator
  • Tilda
  • Yandex AppMetrica
  • Amazon SES

and others.

Platform’s fast On-Premise deployment and configuration are provided by a handy installation wizard. Full technical and client support grants quick solution of all the necessary tasks during the whole license period.